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DN106 JO110
Artist: DJN
Title: 21.03.10M
Description: Ink + sump oil on paper
Dimensions: 100cm x 70cm
Artwork Serial Number: DN106
Artist: James O'Brien
Title: Land in my pocket
Description: Painting
Dimensions: 82cm x 67cm
Artwork Serial Number: JO110
SN111 CR112
Artist: Shafina Noor
Title: Untitled
Description: Pencil Drawing
Dimensions: 50cm x 45cm
Artwork Serial Number: SN111
Artist: Chris van Ryn
Title: Insect
Description: Card mounted photograph
Dimensions: 51cm x 41cm - frame
                         27cm x 19cm - photo
Artwork Serial Number: CR112
KG113 JC118
Artist: Knitty Graffity
Title: Let her sing
Description: Wool, novelty yarn and glass beads
Dimensions: 40cm x 30cm
Artwork Serial Number: KG113
Artist: Jaison V.C
Title: Untitled
Description: Wooden framed painting
Dimensions: 23cm x 31cm - picture
                       46.5cm x 39.5cm - frame
Artwork Serial Number: JC118
JH119 YC120

Artist: Jesse Hagge
Title: Untitled
Description: Manipulated sketch of waves
Dimensions: 61cm x 45cm
Artwork Serial Number: JH119

Artist: Yasmin Chilmeran
Title: Untitled
Description: Oil and acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 61cm x 45.5 cm
Artwork Serial Number: YC120
IK121 FG109

Artist: Ina Kuehfuss
Title: Diamonds in the sky
Description: Oil on wood +(Acrylic gold  Paint)
Dimensions: 60cm x 42cm
Artwork Serial Number: IK121

Artist: Francesca Gallo
Title: Rainbow Tent,everyone's colours
Description: Photograph
Dimensions: 50cm x 37cm
Artwork Serial Number: FG109
AL123 JH124
Artist: Anneke Laan
Title: Flowers for Amnesty
Description: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 130cm x 110cm
Artwork Serial Number: AL123
Artist: John Hardiman
Title: "Some where in France"
Description:Indian ink and watercolour on card
Dimensions: 30cm x 35cm
Artwork Serial Number: JH124
TA125 CK126
Artist: Troy A
Title: Untitled
Description:Paint on corrugated iron
Dimensions:44.5cm x 26 cm
Artwork Serial Number: TA125
Artist:Christine Keane
Description:Pencil drawing
Artwork Serial Number: CK126




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