AmnesTeach: Human Rights Education Programme

29 October 2019, 14:21 UTC | New Zealand

Amnesty International believes that through education, people can empower themselves and others to develop the skills and attitudes that promote equality, dignity and respect in your community, society and worldwide.

The New Zealand Curriculum agrees with us and highlights the importance of instilling values that result in students “respecting themselves, others and human rights” (p10).

AmnesTeach is the beginning of a comprehensive human rights education programme that is free for you to access and use to support your own social studies scheme.

It has been designed for students learning at curriculum levels four and five of the social sciences, covering years seven to 10. Many resources and activities can be adpated to suit your Amnesty International youth groups, senior social studies classes and other subjects such as English and drama.

Our human rights education programme will ensure New Zealanders have the opportunity to start their human rights journey earlier. It will complement our existing work with youth groups, including the annual Freedom Challenge.

Each unit contains curriculum links, suggested learning experiences and the resources required to undertake the activities offered.

Please view the example resources (PDFs) and register using the form below to gain access to the full collection.  

Registering for AmnesTeach will add you to our youth network so that we can best support and update you.

We welcome feedback and would love to connect teachers to facilitate collaboration and sharing of resources for human rights education. If you have created resources that have worked in your classroom and are willing to share them, we would be pleased to host them on our website.

Please contact with any questions and comments.

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