Rapid Response Network

11 October 2021, 13:00 UTC | New Zealand

A juvenile facing the death penalty. A woman flogged for the clothes she wears. The disappearance of three sisters who speak out against their brother’s imprisonment. Such are the cases we ask our Rapid Responders to take action for on a daily and weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. 

Members of the Rapid Response Network provide a timely and effective response by sending letters, emails, and faxes directly to those who have the power to stop human rights violations. They also take action via social media and sometimes are asked to pick up the phone and raise concerns directly with representatives from target  countries based in New Zealand or  decision makers from our government too. 

We are also hosting dedicated sub-groups on the following themes and issues of interest to our members and supporters: 

  • Anti Death Penalty Network 

  • Climate justice & Environmental Human Rights Defenders Network 

  • LGBTIQ+ Network 

New Zealand’s unique opportunity for action

We know that taking action within the first 24 hours of abuse being committed is vital. Particularly in cases of torture, killings and and disappearances, we witness improvements in dire situations, and work to ensure such abuses are less likely to occur in the future. 

We in New Zealand can make a unique difference due to our position on the International Date Line. We receive information overnight from our research headquarters in London, and email you with how you can take action in the morning. This means you are among the first in the world to receive and respond to our appeals. 

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Can’t commit to daily, weekly or fortnightly letterwriting action? Take action online here -> https://www.amnesty.org.nz/take-action

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