THE BIG KINDNESS COUNT: Humanity Highlights

31 March 2020, 16:32 UTC |



Do you want to be a part of the growing kindness movement? 



The gift of flowers

What to do during lockdown when you have a flower business? For Blooming Hill Flowers, it has been an opportunity for kindness on a huge scale. Flowers bring joy. Flowers show appreciation. And who needs appreciation and joy more right now than the people bravely providing essential services for us all? So Blooming Hill Flowers has been rising to the occasion with aroha. They've given 240 bouquets to Possum Bourne Retirement Village in Pukekohe, 480 bouquets to medical centres across South Auckland, 580 bouquets to workers at Middlemore Hospital, and 900 bouquets to Ryman retirement villages in Howick and Remuera. Now they're working out the details to give more flowers to people in the Waitemata DHB. Thanks guys, you're an inspiration. 




UK grandma makes a surprise for her family in NZ

Alva F, Otago, New Zealand

I work in a General Store in a small town in coastal Otago and today we received a phone call from a lovely lady who lives in the UK. She wanted to visit her son and grandchild this month, however, due to the Covid-19 outbreak was prevented from doing so. So she asked us if we could put together a small Easter present for her family that we give to them next time they come to the shop. I felt blessed to be part of her lovely act of kindness and can't wait to hand over the present to her son and grandchild and see their reaction when they read her personal note that she asked to include



Nana, the reading machine!

Jason G, Auckland, New Zealand

My parents were supposed to come from the US to Aotearoa in April to visit their mokopuna (grandkids). Obviously, it was a big disappointment to both when we had to cancel the trip. To fill the gap, keep up the connections during these precious childhood/sunset years, and make healthy use of time in confinement, Nana has been reading to the kids over video chat. It's such a beautiful, positive experience for them all. In just 3 days, she read Ozma of Oz to Miss 9, and now she's deep into reading Jane Eyre to Miss 13. Hours of goodness. Faith in humanity restored :-)