Call on Argentina to guarantee access to safe abortion


Access to safe abortion services is a human right.

By criminalising abortion, Argentina is forcing people to carry on an unwanted pregnancy, or forcing them to seek out an unsafe abortion, this is a violation of their human rights, including the rights to privacy and bodily autonomy.   

Criminalising abortion does not stop people from having abortions, it makes them less safe.

People who get pregnant and cannot or do not want to continue with the pregnancy are often forced to make an impossible choice: put their lives at risk or go to jail. As a result, every year in Argentina, half a million pregnant people risk their lives by carrying out abortions without the right professional medical care and since 1983, over 3,000 people have died from unsafe abortions.

Instead of forcing women and girls into deadly situations, it is time for authorities in Argentina to respect women’s right to choose