Displaced and dispossessed: Sur residents' right to return home

6 December 2016, 13:08 UTC | Turkey
© Guy Martin/Panos

In July 2015 a two-year ceasefire ended as a tentative peace process between the armed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Turkish state collapsed. Unlike previous phases of the decades-long conflict, during the following 10 months armed clashes took place not in rural areas of the south-east but in the region’s cities and towns.

Until now, an estimated 2,360 people have died, including at least 368 people who were unarmed residents. It is likely that at least half a million people have been forcibly displaced by the violence, large-scale destruction of property and by ongoing curfews in areas across the south-east.

This briefing focuses on the forced displacement of around 24,000 people from Sur, the historic central district of Diyarbakır; it documents the circumstances of their displacement, the ongoing violations of their rights, notably to adequate housing, and the increasingly remote prospect of their being able to return to their homes or the district they lived in.

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