'Don't bother just let them die'

2 July 2018, 11:45 UTC | Asia and The Pacific
© Amnesty International/Bagus Septa Pratama

Over the two decades since the fall of Soeharto, successive governments of Indonesia have pledged to end human rights violations by security forces. However, Amnesty International has continued to receive allegations of unlawful killings by security forces in the provinces of Papua and West Papua. These killings occur mainly in the context of unnecessary or excessive use of force during mass protests, during law enforcement operations or due to misconduct by individual officials who operate with near-impunity.

Amnesty’s latest report ‘Don’t bother, just let him die’: Killing with impunity in Papua is based on a review of 69 cases of suspected unlawful killings by security forces between January 2010 and February 2018. The report finds that the majority of unlawful killings occurred in the context of non-political events, including peaceful social protests or public disorder, and individual misconduct.

The report also finds that members of security forces unlawfully execute Papuans in cases relating to political activities and peaceful political protests, including flag-raising ceremonies or religious gatherings on certain commemoration dates and Papuan pro-independence activists.

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