17 May 2018, 11:50 UTC |

"The situation is worse than words can say,” one doctor told us. “We feel drained as doctors due to the daily, heavy bombardment. We have used all our reserves. Hospitals are being heavily targeted. Children are dying. It’s a shame to humanity.” 

They hide under their beds. They hide in closets. But nowhere is safe for children right now in conflict-affected areas of Syria. Their bedrooms and classrooms provide little protection from explosions and shrapnel. Missiles have rained down annihilating whatever is in their path.   

Children are being killed in the street – bombed by their own government. We will not let them get away with this.  We need your help to act now before it’s too late. 


7,000 children have been killed in Syria. And over 3,500 have fled unaccompanied or separated from their families. Those that survive the bombs must then find scarce food and medical care. The fear and psychological, emotional trauma these children are experiencing is unimaginable.

Orphaned, starving or left dying from their injuries, terrified children are crying out for our help. Hospitals remain low on supplies from the sheer number of casualties. There is not yet a way to safely evacuate those who remain. We spoke with another pediatrician about the consequences: 

“The regime doesn’t allow in any medical supplies or medications. We lack food, clean drinking water, medical supplies. We live a few kilometers away from the capital where everything is available, while children here are dying of malnutrition.” 

These appalling attacks are flagrant war crimes. The Syrian Regime cannot be allowed to get away with this.  We need your help today.


“Today it was raining, so there were no airstrikes, but they shelled us with Golan rockets. They targeted civilians…all the injured are civilians,” the doctor explained.  A man whose wife is pregnant with their first child told Reuters, “We are waiting our turn to die."

As a movement of over 7 million voices, we came together to demand safety for people trapped in Aleppo in 2016. Now’s the time to act for people living a nightmare in Eastern Ghouta as well as the escalating attacks in northern Aleppo. We’ve done this once, we can do it again with your help – but we need urgent funds to keep the pressure up.  


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