End anti-LGBTI+ crackdown in Chechnya

Two years ago people leapt into action after reports of an anti-gay purge in Chechnya. And it started to work. There was a noticeable reduction in the abductions. But, no investigation occurred and no one was held responsible.

This lack of accountability has basically permitted the Chechen authorities to unleash a new wave of attacks. Together, we have to tell the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin to ensure the crackdown ends, an investigation occurs and justice is delivered.

When we raise our voices together we can stop this. We need to show him that we won’t be ignored and we won’t give up.   

The LGBTI+ community in Chechnya needs you to raise your voice for them.

Witnesses of the 2017 purge describe men suspected of being gay being dragged away in front of their families and colleagues. For those eventually released, police have reportedly been encouraging families to kill their gay children and family members in honour killings.

One victim was told:

 “You were brought here because you are faggots. You bring shame on our people; you shouldn’t exist. We will catch all of you. We will fight homosexuality in the Chechen Republic.”