22 August 2018, 13:21 UTC |

Right now, Atena Daemi is locked up in prison in Iran. She is in danger and desperately needs your help. Will you help free Atena today? 

Atena Daemi is an outspoken human rights activist – standing up for women’s rights and protesting against the death penalty. 

Her determination and courage have led her to protests…and, eventually, straight into jail. 

For 105 days Atena was locked up in a prison in Iran that used to be an industrial chicken farm and is for violent criminals. She is in grave danger. Atena desperately needs your help. 

Will you fight to free Atena by making a donation today?

Atena peacefully stood up for human rights in Iran knowing it put her at grave risk. Knowing the Iranian authorities were intensifying their efforts to repress women human rights defenders in the country. She has been wrongly convicted, and badly abused in prison. Her life is under threat. 

Atena’s commitment to human rights all began with a pair of yellow shoes. One day when she was just a girl, her sister decided to wear a pair of bright yellow shoes. The girls’ relatives were incensed. Atena still remembers... 

One of our relatives started complaining and screaming about the colour of my sister’s shoes, saying these shoes will draw too much attention. That people would have a low opinion of us. That a woman should not wear such bright colours. And on that day, they forced us to change our shoes.” 

Atena says that day changed her. To her, those yellow shoes came to represent the oppression she and other women endure in Iran every single day. 

Will you sign the petition demanding Atena's release?

Those yellow shoes have become a symbol of our solidarity with Atena and all those whose human rights are under threat in Iran.  

Make a donation today to help defend Atena’s rights just like she is fearlessly defending the rights of others. You can show Atena’s tormentors that you will not stop fighting for her.