Annual Hui

22 June 2020, 09:56 UTC |

Annual Zui 2020

Thank you for joining us at our online Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting has been impacted by COVID-19 and had led us to change the format for 2020. Welcome to our Annual Hui on Zoom – the Annual Zui! 

To meet our statutory obligations we hosted regional face-to-face meetings, which linked in to an online meeting on Thursday, 6 August, 7-9pm

The meetings: 

  • Discussed the Annual Report and Budget, and any resolutions received 
  • Introduced new board members 
  • Allowed for a vote for new board members and any resolutions 

There was also a presentation on Amnesty International and Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand’s future plans, and a human rights action to take. 


  • 22 June Motions/resolutions received 
  • 26 July Proxy votes form received by the AIANZ office
  • 3 August Registration deadline 
  • 6 August Annual Zui 

Useful links 

Solidarity action at Annual Zui

Every year at our Annual Hui we host a human rights action that recognises an individual or group which has protected human rights.

This year we sent a solidarity message to all of New Zealand's essential workers for their amazing work during Covid19 lockdown and in continuing to keep New Zealand safe.

Towards the end of the Annual Zui, we asked you to get closer to your webcams and hold up a heart sign with your hands! And either hold the heart shape with your hands in the air or on your heart. 

We took a screenshot of all of your smiling faces, love hearts and signs and added it to a graphic that we have share across social media and have available here for you to download and share! 

Download and save this Graphic to share - Picture 1
Download and save this Graphic - Picture 2


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Dove Awards and inaugural Gary Ware Legacy Award 

Later this year, at a soon to be confirmed date, we will host a face-to-face meeting in Auckland, which will incorporate those components of our traditional gathering that work better when we are all together. 

  • workshops and presentations within our skillshare
  • honouring our most exemplary human rights advocates with the Dove Awards
  • announcing the inaugural winner/s of the Gary Ware Human Rights Legacy Award

We are still accepting nominations for the Dove Awards and applications on the Gary Ware Legacy Award for Human Rights.