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8 April 2015, 14:10 UTC | New Zealand
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We witness horrible atrocities, but we also witness incredible triumph. The bravery of activists like you, around the world, leads to amazing results. This legacy of victories will only get stronger with your support.


Won a Nobel Peace Prize for “securing the ground for freedom”


One million people signed letters for prisoners of conscience


250,000 letters sent to China within 5 days of Tiananmen Square


Our campaign for a permanent International Criminal Court is successful


UN resolution for a global moratorium on executions introduced


Amnesty International celebrates 50 years, and over 44,000 people we have campaigned for are enjoying freedom


The Arms Trade Treaty comes into effect globally, stopping the flow of weapons to places where they will be used for human rights abuses.

Our Nobel Prize winning, 7 million strong movement continues to have a worldwide impact. Our strength rests entirely on the support of people like you who are committed to protecting human rights.

Your donations and activism ensure that Amnesty International remains independent, nonpolitical and unbiased. Without this freedom, we wouldn’t be able to criticise, question or analyse the policies and actions of governments and other decision-makers.

Our independence also means we depend on your generous support to continue fearlessly defending human rights. Your partnership with us strengthens our ability to shine a light into the darkest corners of the world.

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