Living On The Margins

23 March 2016, 13:32 UTC | Syria, Jordan

Jordan hosts 639,704 Syrian refugees registered with the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR. In addition to those registered with UNHCR, the authorities believe that many hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria are living in Jordan unregistered. Over 117,000 Syrian refugees live in three camps where they have access to education, health care, water, food and cash for work programmes, provided by the UN, national and international organizations. However, over 80% of Syrian refugees live in towns and cities in Jordan. 

The vast majority of Syrian refugees in urban areas live below the Jordanian poverty line and are facing increased barriers to accessing public services, including health care. The challenges faced by Syrians living in urban areas are compounded by the reduction in humanitarian support being provided to refugees in Jordan. For example, in 2015, due to funding shortfalls, the World Food Programme had to significantly cut the amount of food assistance it provided to Syrian refugees. 

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