Meet the Board

Our Board is made up of six experienced people who are passionate about leading Amnesty International in New Zealand. Meet our current members.

Rosslyn Noonan, Chair

Rosslyn Noonan was elected to the Amnesty International GT in 2013 and has been the Vice-Chair since 2014. She has had a range of governance and management experience.

A long-time supporter of Amnesty International, she emphasises the importance of its membership base and believes it has a vital role to play in strengthening human rights in New Zealand, across Asia-Pacific and around the world. Amnesty International, she says, has a vital contribution to strengthening human rights in Aotearoa New Zealand as we face up to the challenges of revealed by the Mosque massacres.

She is currently chairing a Ministerial Review of the Family Justice Services, has a part-time position as Director of the New Zealand Centre for Human Rights Law, Policy and Practice at Auckland University, is researching a biography of Dr W.B. Sutch, and works with national human rights institutions across Asia-Pacific.

Heather Hayden, Vice-Chair

Heather is currently Chair of the Governance Committee. 

Heather has brought strong governance experience to the Board.  She has held a number of governance roles in the community sector, including trustee, board member, deputy chairman and chairman. For the past two years she has served as Deputy Chair of the Council for International Development.

Heather has a strong background in working in a multicultural environment both in New Zealand and overseas. Her experience ranges from community work with women and children in India, advocacy at international government level, developing national programmes and strategies for action in New Zealand, to turning around failing organisations. She has worked closely with government and has developed a wide network within the government sector. Heather is experienced in building strategic partnerships and introducing business systems and processes along with disciplined planning and financial management.

Passionate about making the world a better place for all, especially in the areas of poverty, inequality, discrimination and injustice, Heather works at local, national, and international levels to see change take place. Over the last ten years she has pursued this through leading not-for-profit organisations, such as her roles of chief executive of Refugee Services Aotearoa NZ, Save the Children and Parents Centre NZ.

Geoff Walker, Treasurer

Geoff Walker is the Finance Manager at Jade Software in Christchurch. Prior to that, he was Finance Manager at Trade Aid Importers Ltd, where he looked after the finances for the Trade Aid Group, including 34 charities for the head office entities and the 29 shops spread throughout NZ. 


Geoff brings an understanding of both the social enterprise and charity sectors to Amnesty, as well as an understanding and respect for the hard work that everyone involved puts into the cause. He is a Chartered Accountant. Geoff lives in Christchurch with his wife and two young children.


Geoff chairs the Audit & Risk committee on the Board.

Chennoah Walford, Board Member

Chennoah has recently graduated from Victoria University of Wellington with an LLB and a BA in Politics and International Relations. Her day job is as a campaigner and organiser. 

Chennoah has been an active member of Amnesty International since the age of 13. She first got involved with Amnesty at Tauranga Girls' College and with the Tauranga Moana group, and continued her mahi with the Victoria University Amnesty group once she moved to Wellington. 

In 2013, Chennoah became a Youth Cooptee on the Amnesty Board and was elected as a full member in 2016. While on the board, Chennoah was appointed as a "Youth Twin" to the International Board, an initiative which connected International Board members to a youth leader to facilitate two way dialogue around meetings. She went on to join the international working group for the development of the most recent global international youth strategy.

Carrie Stoddart-Smith, Board Member

Carrie is an accomplished indigenous rights commentator who holds a Masters in International Law and Politics (LLM Hons). She has more than 10 years advisory and policy experience in the public sector and she has facilitated numerous cross agency workshops and meetings.

Carrie has served as chairperson for four planning committees and as a member of more than 15 working groups across Māori development, trade, business, health, social wellbeing, justice, housing, rangatahi and international relations. She has a strong strategy and planning background and has project managed Ministerial-led missions to six countries, helping to establish culture-to-culture links with Māori.

Carrie has participated in a range of public discussions advocating for the rights and interests of indigenous and minority cultures alongside distinguished journalists, commentators, academics and current and former Ministers and Members of Parliament. Carrie’s commitment to human rights, justice and fairness links directly to her lived experience as Māori and to her work across the public sector. She sees the impact of social, cultural and economic inequities and injustice across our communities and considers Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand a critical organisation to challenging institutional bias, structural discrimination and harmful social attitudes that create and perpetuate those injustices. Carrie’s approach to her work and to human rights is underpinned by aroha ki te tangata (care and respect for all people), a tikanga that seeks for all people to feel whole, connected, valued and included.

Alva Feldmeier, Youth Co-optee

Alva is a student at Otago University, where she formerly co-led the Amnesty International Otago University Group. She is the Amnesty International Volunteer Regional Organiser for Otago.

Previously, Alva co-led the Amnesty International Group at Logan Park High School in Dunedin and she continues to foster engagement in schools across Otago.

Alva brings a compelling youth voice to the Board and we are honoured to have her energy, experience and dedication to human rights.