Protecting the Amazon could get her killed

  “Let us not only think about our children, but also about the families of others; let us not only think about our own country, but also about other countries. Let's think about all those who need us.” Jani Silva  

Colombia is the most dangerous place in the Americas to be an environmental defender. People like Jani, who defend the Colombia’s rich eco-system and those who live within it, are attacked, persecuted and killed every day. Jani faces threats from illegal groups, the military, drug traffickers and multinational companies.    

Since 2017, Amnesty International has been documenting threats and harassments of Jani Silva and her organisation the Association for the Sustainable Integrated Development of the Perla Amazónica (ADISPA). While protections exist they are not effectively implemented.   

You can watch a short documentary by Amnesty on Jani here