“Shouting out for climate justice” workshops

3 September 2020, 11:15 UTC |

Human rights are as much under threat as the environment when it comes to climate change. It’s why within Freedom Challenge 2020 we’ll be  “Shouting out for climate justice” 

To make that action effective and powerful we hosted on and offline workshops with some of New Zealand and the Pacific’s best youth climate justice advocates. They offered insights and knowledge on how together we can better stand up for the rights of this planet and the people on it. 

Workshops included creative and practical ways to get involved, build support, and ignite action!

This Youtube Playlist contains all of the recorded webinars from Freedom Challenge 2020. Otherwise you can watch the individual sessions at the links below. 

To access captions for all sessions simply click on the  or  box at the bottom right of the individual Youtube recordings. 

Introduction to Freedom Challenge 2020: Shouting out for climate justice
Facilitators: Margaret Taylor and David Vega from Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand.

Tuesday 4th August 5pm to 7pm at Auckland Amnesty International office & on Zoom/Online

About the session: An over-view of Freedom Challenge 2020 and what we plan to achieve together. Highlighting the facts, the figures, the resources you can use in your own outreach. A chance to ask questions and get ideas about your own Freedom Challenge event. 

Watch a recording of this session here

Organising a team of climate justice advocates around you! – Facilitator: Sophie Handford
Monday 10th August 5pm to 7pm at Kapiti College room C9 & on Zoom/Online. 

Sophie Handford founded the School Strike 4 Climate Movement in Aotearoa last year, alongside an awesome team of youth. She is also the Paekakariki - Raumati Ward Councillor on the Kapiti Coast District Council. Her dream is that we can all truly recognise the importance of co-existing with nature and our planet through understanding that the destruction of Earth means the destruction of us too. Justice for the planet and holding indigenous knowledge at the centre of this - climate justice, means a better future for generations to come. This conversation is one she has become very passionate about as this moment in time as absolutely crucial. 

Watch a recording of this session here


Civic Participation in Aotearoa's Environmental Sphere – Facilitator: Jen Coatham.  
Thursday 20th August 5.00pm to 7pm on Zoom/Online. 

Jen has spent the last 5 years advocating for climate solutions, primarily with Generation Zero. With Generation Zero Jen has led campaigns at the local and national level and was heavily involved in the Zero Carbon Act Campaign. She is also on the Dunedin City Council’s Te Ao Turoa partnership, is in a number of government advisory groups, and is on the Advisory Board of the Climate Safe House Project. 

Watch a recording of this session here

Introduction to Indigenous & Disability Rights for Climate Justice – Facilitator: Kera Sherwood-O'Regan. 
Thursday 25th August 5.30pm to 7pm on Zoom/Online

Kera Sherwood-O'Regan (Kāi Tahu, Te Waipounamu) is an indigenous and disabled multidisciplinary storyteller and rights advocate based in Aotearoa New Zealand. She is the Co-founder and Communications & Impact Director at Activate, an indigenous and disabled social impact agency specialising in campaigning and narratives for social change. Her work focuses on centering structurally oppressed communities in social change, exploring community-led collective storytelling, and seeks to raise the bar for free, prior, informed, and ongoing consent in the media. Kera’s work is grounded in kaupapa Māori practices and approaches, and is informed by 15 years of activism within the climate movement. In her spare time she runs Fibromyalgia Aotearoa NZ, and advocates for indigenous rights at the United Nations climate negotiations and within the wider climate movement. 



Rainbow rights and climate justice – Facilitator: Taine Polkinghorne & Charm Skinner (Rainbow activists).
Monday 31st August 6.00pm to 7pm on Zoom/Online

Charm and Taine are two Rainbow human rights activists excited to kōrero about the intersection of Rainbow rights and climate justice during Freedom Challenge 2020. Charm is an indigenous advocate passionate about ensuring that Māori have their rights upheld under Te Tiriti o Waitangi in legal and political spaces. She is in her final semester of study at the University of Auckland. Taine loves to help make human rights change for all Rainbow people. He has been volunteering in Rainbow spaces for a number of years and just completed a postgrad degree in public health.

Watch a recording of this session here



Meaningful solidarity in the climate movement – Facilitator: Brianna Fruean 
Wednesday September 2nd, 5pm to 6pm on Zoom/Online

Brianna founded the Samoan chapter of 350.org after a powerful cyclone devastated her community. At 16, she became the youngest person ever to win the prestigious Commonwealth Youth Award. She has been part of delegations to numerous United Nations events, lifting the voices of Pacific Nation people at an international level. She is now a member of 350 Pacific Climate Warriors among many other memberships.

Watch a recording of this session here