The Sound of Unity

7 March 2019, 09:36 UTC |




Make a sound to silence online abuse.

Discrimination and abuse in the digital world violates human rights. It is any physical threat, sexual, gender or racial harassment that distresses, humiliates and even blackmails individuals online.

1 in 3 women in New Zealand experience online abuse.

Three quarters of them withdraw from social media because of it.

The Sound of Unity shows our collective support. And the Unity GIF calls a stop to toxic conversations in feeds and threads online.

The sound comes from the ancient Solfeggio Frequency ‘Re’. The specific frequency of 417Hz removes negative energy and creates positive change. Simply download the sound from iTunes or Tuunes, make it your message alert tone and turn your phone into an audible badge of support. The sound costs NZ$$2.39 and all proceeds go to our She’s Brave campaign.

The GIF is a visual display of the precise wave forms of 417Hz. It’s a simple symbol that can be used in a powerful way. Just download it and save to photos on your mobile, you then have it on hand to post into any feed where you see signs of abusive behaviour.

Together we can help stop toxic conversations in their tracks as they happen. And provoke positive thought and consideration towards everybody’s behaviour online.

She’s Brave has focused on supporting women who stand up for the rights of others around the world. The work of these brave women has put them at risk of abuse and harassment. In New Zealand, the campaign highlights the experiences of women online and is pushing for improvements to the Harmful Digital Communication Act. We have already had success with the Minister approving a review of the legislation. Following on from a meeting with the Minster in March, we will be focused on amplifying the voices of women in the review process.

We have and will continue to research, document and report on harm through interviews with individuals, media commentary and advocacy.

With your support, you’ll help protect the rights of girls and women in New Zealand, and you’ll join a community that speaks out for human rights around the world.