Stop the bombing of people in Eastern Ghouta, Syria

Early in 2017, the Syrian government captured areas bordering the Harasta neighbourhood of Eastern Ghouta. They closed all smuggling tunnels that for years had guaranteed a minimum flow of food, water, and medical supplies. 

Then, in October 2017 the Syrian government further tightened the siege by closing the last remaining entry point to nearby Douma, impeding access to medical and humanitarian aid and barring civilian movement. 

February 2018 has seen the escalation of bombing in the region by the Syrian government and allied Russian forces, as war crimes continue to be committed there on an epic scale.

Humanitarian needs

Only two aid convoys have been allowed in since, but both were significantly understocked to address the humanitarian needs of the population. All medical supplies were also removed by the government. 

Since October, the humanitarian situation in Eastern Ghouta has significantly deteriorated with the price of medicine and basic food supplies, like milk and bread, skyrocketing.