Stop The Bombs

Yemen’s kids are growing up in a country ravaged by decades of war. The current conflict is mainly between the government of President Abd Abbu Mansour Hadi and the northern Yemen Zaidi Shia group the Huthis. When the Huthis took control of the capital city Sana’a in September 2014, President Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia and asked its government to support him.


Saudi Arabia formed a coalition with a number of neighbouring countries to intervene in Yemen’s conflict on behalf of Hadi’s ousted government, and began a devastating bombing campaign in March 2015. The UK and the US is helping the coalition with logistical support and the supply of arms, including banned cluster munitions!

Bombs, fighter jets and combat helicopters made in the UK and the US are being used to kill civilians and blow up civilian buildings such as schools and hospitals in Yemen!

The deliberate targeting of civilian sites is a war crime!

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The Geneva Conventions are the laws of war. One of the most important laws is that civilians are protected from attack. Directly attacking civilians or civilian objects such as schools and hospitals is banned and can be a war crime.

Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and many other coalition states who are involved in the conflict in Yemen have signed and agreed to the Geneva Conventions.  

The Arms Trade Treaty

For two decades Amnesty International campaigned for the creation of and commitment to an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The United Kingdom and the United States have signed this treaty.

The ATT bans a country from supplying arms where they could be used to commit war crimes like attacking civilians or civilian places such as schools.

The United Kingdom and the United States must immediately stop supplying arms such as bombs, fighter jets and combat helicopters to Saudi Arabia and other members of the coalition.