Talk to Immigration & Finance Ministers

28 November 2019, 09:20 UTC |

One of our most powerful tactics is to tell key decision makers that you want Community Sponsorship made permanent. 

1. If you live in their electorate: request a meeting as constituents of Minister Lees-Galloway or Minister Robertson to discuss their support for community sponsorship of refugees. You can do this either individually or as a group. When it comes to influencing, this is the best thing you can do.

2. If not, please phone the electorate office and ask their staff to document your support for making Community Sponsorship permanent.


During your meeting or call make sure you:

  • Have stated your name, contact information, and your school, college, group name, or organisation if relevant
  • Make your reason for contacting them clear
  • State that you want the Community Sponsorship of Refugees programme made permanent
  • Make it from the heart - tell the Minister why you care
  • Refer to the attached messaging document below for talking points
  • Be polite but firm in your “ask” 
  • Thank the official/staff member
  • Leave documentation including a short summary of what you are asking them to do
  • Follow up your meeting with a thank you email or letter, in which you reiterate your ask.

Please fill out the Community Sponsorship Action Taking Form so we can coordinate and be as effective as possible.