Tell Iran that kids shouldn't be on death row

Can you imagine waking up each day not knowing if this will be your last? Wondering if you will ever see your family again?

Sadly this is the reality for some 90 young people currently on death row in Iran. Iran remains the top executioner of children in the world and Amnesty International believes 21 of those on death row could be executed at any time.

Despite executions of people who committed a crime as a kid being illegal under international law and its own human rights obligations, Iran has stepped up such executions in the past three years. To prevent global outrage at such killings Iran is increasingly executing in secrecy and without giving advance notice to families and lawyers so that they and organisations like Amnesty International can’t galvanise advocates like you to take action to prevent these deaths.

It’s why we are asking you to join us to call on Iran to end its use of the death penalty against children, as a first step to banning the death penalty completely.