What is Build Hope?

18 October 2016, 08:35 UTC | Australia
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It’s Amnesty International’s newest campaign to build a world where what unites us is greater than what divides us. Where we respect human rights. And where we ensure leaders and companies treat people with dignity.

Take action to close Australia’s offshore detention centres »

Imagine you’re a woman who fled Iran after several of your friends were executed by the government for belonging to a minority group. You muster the courage to flee, aiming for Australia – a country where you hope to find peace and freedom from persecution. Instead, after a grueling journey through Malaysia and Indonesia, and a dangerous ocean crossing on a smuggler’s boat, you are forcibly detained on Nauru – a tiny, remote island state where Australia has been banishing asylum seekers. You’re stuck, indefinitely detained, with no end in sight. You want nothing more than to be in control of your life and to build a new future.

This is the reality for many people languishing in Australian offshore detention centres. They have suffered huge personal losses already, which caused them to flee their home countries. They deserve the very same things we all deserve – an education, a safe place to live and the ability to work – so they can build back their lives.

So we’re building hope. We’re sharing responsibility for keeping the world the kind of place we all want to live in by welcoming people for whom going home is not an option. We’re keeping up the pressure until the Australian Government can no longer maintain this system of abuse.

Join us. Be a Hope Builder.

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