What can I do?

20 February 2020, 15:10 UTC |

You can help show the Government that Kiwis want Community Sponsorship made permanent by writing to your local media and have a letter to the editor published!

We want you to email letters to the editors of local newspapers in Palmerston North and Wellington. Put 'Letter to Editor' in the subject line then write your letter in the email text. We'd suggest pointing out how happy the families are who've come here so far via Community Sponsorship, as our report details. The biggest point of difference between Community Sponsorship and the traditional refugee quota system seems to be the way people in communities are truly connecting with each other, while becoming like families to those seeking refuge. It's an empowering win-win for everyone. New Zealanders get to help with a massive global crisis, while the newcomers are given the tools they need to be able to rebuild their lives in a safe new environment. 


  • Best chance of getting a letter published is when it’s in response to something that has been printed (i.e. refugee or immigration related)
  • Keep VERY short; 150-200 words (papers have guidelines, so always check)
  • Best to have only one author 
  • Include name and contact information
  • If the media outlet is interested, they may write back asking to verify your identity and confirm that the letter is exclusive to their publication

Contacts for all media in Wellington and Palmerston North area can be found in the two documents attached below. 

Any questions, please email our lovely Media Coordinator at alicia.burrow@amnesty.org.nz

Thanks for your advocacy, every voice counts!