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We have a question for our Prime Minister. Help us get an answer.  

As Australia continues to commit grave human rights abuses at its offshore detention centres, on Manus Island and Nauru, the New Zealand Government remains silent. And this silence is being seen as endorsement. That is why we are finding out #WheresBill on human rights.

UMR research shows that 79% of New Zealanders want the New Zealand Prime Minister and Government to take a stronger stance in speaking out against the evidence of abuses in Australian offshore detention.

The situation on Manus is deteriorating daily. A refugee on the island recently died, many have been attacked, and their power, water and medical care is being cut. It is crucial that the New Zealand Government speaks out now.

The thousands of women, children and men stuck in these camps are human beings. They deserve the very same things we all deserve – an education, a safe place to live and the chance to work – so they can build back their lives.

So, where does our government and Prime Minister stand on Australia’s abuse of refugees?  Help us find out #WheresBill by taking action on social media. 


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Suggested Posts: Hey Bill, UMR research shows 79% of Kiwis want the NZ Government and Prime Minister to speak out against abuses at Australian offshore detention centres. The situation on Manus is deteriorating daily. Another refugee on the island recently died, many have been attacked, and food, water and medical care is being cut. It is crucial that the New Zealand Government speaks out now. Bill, where do you stand on Australia's abuse of refugees? #WheresBill 

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