Why I am a member of Amnesty International

24 November 2014, 17:48 UTC | New Zealand
Dylan Chandra is, at 6 years old, Amnesty International NZ’s youngest activist and blogger. © Amnesty International
By Dylan Chandra - Human Rights Activist

My name is Dylan, I am 6 years old, I live in Auckland and I was born here. When I heard about Amnesty International, I wanted to be a member because I wanted to stop bad guys from jailing nice people around the world.

I learnt about human rights, which are rules that tell everyone how to treat each other. Because of Amnesty International, I learnt that some governments don’t protect their people and don’t follow human rights.

First Amnesty sends me the stories and then I write letters to save people in jail. When I read the stories I feel sad for them and it makes me happy to send letters for them.

Everyone should be a member of Amnesty! The more people join us, the more people we can help!

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