Success stories

21 November 2019, 13:13 UTC |
Muaz, Nelson

Muaz left his home, Syria, under incredibly difficult circumstances and landed in New Zealand – his new home on the other side of the world. To his amazement, he was welcomed with open arms into a community of Kiwis in Nelson who over time become new neighbors, friends and BBQ companions.

He arrived in New Zealand under the current Community Sponsorship of Refugees pilot programme with 24 other refugees. You can read and watch their stories here

A permanent Community Sponsorship programme would help more families like Muaz’s get to safety and enrich our communities. 

The families brought here under the programme have been empowered by being given a safe place to call home, the members of the sponsor groups have been empowered by being given something to do after the Christchurch attacks, through gaining more connected communities and being given a way to make a difference on a global issue.

Take Action: Call on Immigration Minister Lees-Galloway and Finance Minister Robertson to make Community Sponsorship of Refugees permament so that more families can rebuild their lives in safety.